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Brazilian Foods

The Durello Story

 "Our food is created from recipes that start in the heart"

Neide Durello

Started by family team, Marcelo and Barbara, using Neide Durello's traditional recipes, to introduce New Zealanders to a whole new concept of Brazilian delicacies.

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Brazilian Cheese Bread

Crispy Outside & Chewy Inside

Brazilian Cheese Bread - or Pão de Queijo, as it is known in Brazil - is a very unique Brazilian delicacy, crispy outside, and amazingly soft and chewy inside. You'll love it!
Nothing compares to the unique taste and texture of the Brazilian Cheese Bread, and New Zealand is definitely falling in love with this special culinary treat!

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Brazilian Chicken Delights


Brazilian Chicken Delights, or Coxinha (pronounced ‘ko-sheen-ya’) as it is known in Brazil, is the most famous Brazilian savory. The inside consists of a soft shredded creamy chicken surrounded by a soft and buttery dough with a beautiful crispy crust.

You’ll love it as an appetizer, or even part of your main dish. Enjoy!

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One of our latest discoveries, is Brazilian Cheese Bread. These delicate little balls are crisp on the outside and deliciously chewy on the inside. 

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