How it all started

Mae mocinhaNeide Durello was born and raised in the countryside of Brazil, of Italian origins. She was one of 9 children, which made her soon realise that love and affection combined with good food were essential ingredients for shared moments of happiness within the family. At the early age of 14, the young Neide was chosen by her mother to help in the kitchen, and that was where it all started. She was instantly hooked by the pleasure of preparing very simple food with extraordinary flavours.
More than 50 years later, Neide says she is always learning new ways, but we are constantly amazed to see how her homemade recipes are able to captivate so many different food lovers, in different parts of the world. Maybe because, as Neide says: “her recipes start in her heart!”
Today, her second and third generations bring these delicacies to New Zealand, with the same care and dedication the family has prepared great recipes for all these years.


Contact us

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