Brazilian Cheese Bread

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Brazilian Cheese Bread - or Pão de Queijo, as it is known in Brazil - is a very unique Brazilian delicacy, crispy outside, and amazingly soft and chewy inside. You'll love it!
Nothing compares to the unique taste and texture of the Brazilian Cheese Bread, and New Zealand is definitely falling in love with this special culinary treat! now available in two new flavours: Bacon and Garlic.
So, have it alongside with your preferred drink or even by itself. Chances are you will not be able to stop in the first one...!
Brazilian Cheese Bread comes in a practical frozen pack, and you bake it from frozen, or thaw it for an hour or so, prior to baking. It's ready in 15 min. It is a new and exotic snack on the New Zealand market. Attractive and well-presented, there is no similar product in the country.
Brazilian Cheese Bread is made of a special imported Brazilian flour and selected New Zealand ingredients. The flour used (Manioc starch) is 100% gluten free, and the product has been granted the Cross Grain Logo from the Coeliac New Zealand..

The product is a new concept to New Zealand. The combination of cheese and bread, in this warm cocktail sized snack, is unique.

It is great as an appetizer, entrée, alongside with your preferred drink or even with your main dish. Its effectiveness is clear because of two basic reasons: It’s very quick and easy to prepare, and it’s suitable with any meal or drinks.
As a unique product it has been very well received by the New Zealand public. Brazilian Cheese Bread was launched at the beginning of November 2013.  Every single cocktail sized cheese bread, was rolled and packed by hand in a small commercial kitchen in the city. After only a few months there was so much demand that specialised machinery had to be imported from Brazil and the operation had to be moved to a larger professional A-grade kitchen in Albany, Auckland North Shore. It’s sold in several stores, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, and it is on the menu of several hotel bars and restaurants as a snack food or appetizer. Please see our Where to Buy page for further references.

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