Brazilian Chicken Delight

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Brazilian Chicken Delights, or Coxinha (pronounced ‘ko-sheen-ya’) as it is known in Brazil, is the most famous Brazilian savory.

The inside consists of a soft shredded creamy chicken surrounded by soft and buttery dough with a beautiful crispy crust. You’ll love it as an appetizer, or even part of your main dish. It's very easy to prepare. You can deep-fry or shallow-fry it. For better results, thaw it for an hour or so prior to frying it. Enjoy!
History of the Coxinha
Coxinha was originally made with a chicken thigh, which its traditional shape is meant to resemble. In its modern form it may have been originated among the Brazilian Royal Family in São Paulo in the 19th century. History tell us that Prince Gaston, Count D'Eu, husband of Princess Isabel of Brazil (1846-1921), , had a favorite dish, chicken, but only ate the thighs. One day, not having enough thighs, the Royal Chef decided to turn a whole chicken into thighs, shredding it and making the filling for flour dough shaped into a drumstick. The monarch endorsed the results. Empress Teresa Cristina, when visiting him, could not resist this tasty delicacy; she liked it so much she requested that the master of the imperial kitchen learn how to prepare the snack. So Coxinha won over the nobility and became history. Now, you too have the chance to taste this amazing Royal savoury, in New Zealand. Enjoy!

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